Marketplace payouts made simple

Use TechToPay’s platform to easily pay out to third parties, from marketplace sellers to freelancers, individual bank accounts, and more, all around the world. We manage the complexities of customer onboarding, bank transfer networks, compliance, reporting, and more, so that you can concentrate on other responsibilities.

Make payments faster, easier, and in more places

Go global

Instantly pay out to third parties in over 30 countries using our extensive bank transfer network.

Simplify customer onboarding

Take the hassle out of the signup process with paperless, instant customer verification.

Customise payouts

Specify onboarding parameters and the payout timing that makes sense for your business and your customers.

Stay compliant and secure

Let us manage complicated compliance issues that arise from money transmission, KYC/KYB, sanctions, and AML screening for you.


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