Fraud & Risk Monitoring

Count on safety and security

Work with TechToPay to minimise loss while increasing valid transactions. Our advanced risk monitoring technology helps you detect fraud and decrease chargebacks—without reducing conversions. Through velocity rules, segmented 3D Secure, automated KYC/KYB checks, and biometrics, we verify that customers are who they say they are, approving them in seconds.

Manage risk for greater profit

Tools to maximise revenue

Our technology protects you from losses by flagging suspicious activity for your merchants to review—while ensuring high acceptance rates for legitimate transactions.

Tailored to your needs

When it comes to risk monitoring, one size doesn’t fit all. Our fraud tools let you set rules based on industry, geography, or customer base to identify fraud patterns specific to your business.

Fast-evolving technology

Our tools are continually updated to outwit new and developing forms of fraud, detecting and blocking fraudulent behaviour in real time.

Manage your risk through compliance

Work with our experts and rely on our platform’s fraud and risk management features to keep your merchants compliant and your business safe.


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