Dynamic Currency Conversion

Encourage customer confidence

When it comes to e-commerce, customer experience is key. Anything can disrupt a transaction, from unfamiliar payment methods to confusion about costs. With dynamic currency conversion (DCC), people can choose to pay in their own currency. This means they’ll better understand costs and are more likely to complete a purchase.

Benefits of DCC

Increased conversion rates

When customers know exactly what they’re paying, they’re more inclined to complete a transaction.

Additional revenue

Fees associated with DCC can generate new profits for your merchants.

Reduced chargeback risk

At the point of sale, customers can see the exact amount they pay in their own currency—with no added exchange rate fees tacked on later.

Take your business beyond borders

Work with TechToPay to take your business global. Our acquiring networks, bank settlement networks, and payment methods put you in any supported market—instantly.

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