Building the future of payments

The world of payments is evolving. At TechToPay, we’re enabling faster, simpler e‑commerce by making payments more accessible to consumers, wherever they are. Strengthen your business with the rapidly growing, quickly adapting payment gateway connecting people and businesses around the globe.

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A gateway to faster growth

Our payment gateway makes it easy for businesses to make and accept payments all around the world. With a single integration, payment service providers and merchants can instantly connect to our regional acquiring networks, local bank settlement networks, and alternative payment methods—without having to build those relationships on their own. Spend less time on individual integrations and more time generating revenue with TechToPay.

The Platform

Everything you need in one platform

Payment gateway

TechToPay’s multi-currency platform enables merchants to accept payments from nearly every country in the world through hundreds of payment methods.

Payment Gateway

Marketplace payouts

All kinds of e-commerce businesses, including two-sided marketplaces, can pay out to third parties in over 25 countries with our extensive bank settlement network.


Fraud & risk monitoring

Detect and stop fraud with our sophisticated risk monitoring tool, which performs anti-impersonation, KYC, and KYB checks.

Fraud & risk

Payment methods

Inspire confidence in transactions by offering consumers the ability to pay with methods they recognise.

Payment Methods

Additional services

Offer a digital wallet, vouchers, gift cards, and more—all with your own branding.

Additional Services

More ways to pay and get paid

While credit and debit cards remain popular, the ways people pay are changing, and they vary by region. With TechToPay, you can engage new markets with locally preferred alternative payment methods like bank transfers, digital wallets, vouchers, and more.

Faster Payments
QIWI Kowenek
Giro pay
PiP iT

Payments beyond boundaries

Going global is crucial to success in today’s marketplace—and it’s also a huge challenge. International expansion requires an understanding of local markets, relationships with the right acquirers, and access to preferred payment methods. That’s where we come in. Whatever your location, industry, or business model, we have partners to match your needs and the payment methods consumers trust. Supporting businesses across Europe (with new regions coming soon), TechToPay can help you increase revenue and expand your coverage with just one integration.

Global Coverage

Smart and simple collaboration

One integration

Unlock access to hundreds of payment methods and our growing worldwide network with a single integration.

One contract

One service agreement is all it takes to connect to our comprehensive gateway.

One settlement file

With our all-in-one platform, you get a single, easy-to-read settlement file, for painless reconciliation and reporting.

Bringing buyers and sellers together

We want to make it simpler and faster for anyone, no matter where they are in the world, to pay and receive money. That’s why we’re building a payments ecosystem to rival all others, with the technology to support it—connecting PSPs and merchants to an ever-growing network of payment possibilities.

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